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 All track in the park are open, except for the Albert Terrace Valley track in the gorge where it is assessed there is still risk from rockfall.

Accessing the climbing wall

The track to access the climbing wall can be picked up a few metres after entering the bush off the end of Albert Terrace. Head up the slope to the right and travel through the pine trees before descending just beyond the climbing wall.

Temporary closure Albert Terrace

A film set is being built on the land off the end of Albert Terrace. Access to the park from Albert Terrace will be closed from time to time due to filming from late May 2016 until July. Closure times will be signposted beforehand. We appologise for the inconvenience.

Hillsborough Terrace carpark

The gates to the main carpark are locked at 7pm each night. Please remove vehicles before 7pm..


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About Mount Vernon

Mount Vernon Park was purchased for the people of Canterbury in 1985 after a successful campaign to raise funds. Strong support was received from the individuals, businesses, schools and local authorities.

valley viewThe aim of buying the park was to preserve the open tussock backdrop to Christchurch and prevent housing creeping up the slopes on this part of the Port Hills.

Since the Mount Vernon purchase, other reserves have been bought for public use by the Christchurch City Council and The Summit Road Society, so that Mount Vernon is now one link in a chain of reserves offering similar recreational opportunities.

During its early years Mount Vernon was run as a farm park, funded by leasing out grazing rights. Public recreation on a working farm close to the city was seen as an attraction and educational opportunity for city people.

Although it is still grazed, the emphasis in more recent times has shifted towards biodiversity and enhancing native habitats. Native species have been planted in the moister gullies, and tussocks have been planted on the higher slopes near the Summit Road.

Out and about at Mount Vernon

Rock climbing in the Albert Valley.Recreational opportunities include walking, running, orienteering, rogaining, rock climbing and mountain biking.

The Lamar Track

The Lamar Track, off the Summit Road, is a 400-metre loop track suitable for wheelchairs. It has excellent views over the city and Canterbury Plains.

The three main walking tracks in the park leading up to the Summit Road are the Valley Track, the Farm Track and the track up the Albert Valley.

The Valley Track

The Valley Track starts at the main car park off Hillsborough Terrace and winds up the valley, past a small shelter, and on to join up with the Rapaki Track before its final climb to the Summit Road. Walking from the car park to the Summit Road takes just over an hour. Mountain biking is not allowed on this track.

View down into Lyttleton Harbour from the Summit Road above Mount Vernon Park.

The Farm Track

To get to the Farm Track you will need to continue up the hill for about 200 metres from the turnoff to the main car park. There is no parking here.

The Farm Track winds up on to flat tussock ridges and eventually to the Summit Road after about one and a half hour's walking.

This track is suitable for those who wish to take their mountain bikes.

Albert Terrace Track

Another entrance to the park is off the end of Albert Terrace. Here a rough track winds its way up through a gorge in an old pine plantation and out into a more open valley. Eventually Dry Bush is reached which is a fenced remnant patch of native bush.