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 All track in the park are open, except for the Albert Terrace Valley track in the gorge where it is assessed there is still risk from rockfall.

Accessing the climbing wall

The track to access the climbing wall can be picked up a few metres after entering the bush off the end of Albert Terrace. Head up the slope to the right and travel through the pine trees before descending just beyond the climbing wall.

Temporary closure Albert Terrace

A film set is being built on the land off the end of Albert Terrace. Access to the park from Albert Terrace will be closed from time to time due to filming from late May 2016 until July. Closure times will be signposted beforehand. We appologise for the inconvenience.

Hillsborough Terrace carpark

The gates to the main carpark are locked at 7pm each night. Please remove vehicles before 7pm..


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About the Trust

Mount Vernon Park is owned and administered by the Port Hills Park Trust Board to conserve and enhance the natural environment and provide opportunity for public recreation.

Park Management

mayor and visitorsDay to day management of the park is delegated to the Mount Vernon Management Committee which runs a Thursday afternoon volunteer maintenance group.

The board is made up of three trustees appointed from the community and one each appointed by the local Member of Parliament, Lincoln University, the Mayor of Christchurch and the Christchurch Civic Trust.

The board and management committee meet jointly about every six weeks.

The park is managed to protect and enhance the natural environmental values and biodiversity of the hills.

It is run by volunteers and the management of the park is closely aligned to that of other Port Hills Reserves run by the Christchurch City Council and the Summit Road Society.



Whatever the weather, come along and visit!


The Mount Vernon Farm Track during a snowstorm.