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 All track in the park are open, except for the Albert Terrace Valley track in the gorge where it is assessed there is still risk from rockfall.

Accessing the climbing wall

The track to access the climbing wall can be picked up a few metres after entering the bush off the end of Albert Terrace. Head up the slope to the right and travel through the pine trees before descending just beyond the climbing wall.

Temporary closure Albert Terrace

A film set is being built on the land off the end of Albert Terrace. Access to the park from Albert Terrace will be closed from time to time due to filming from late May 2016 until July. Closure times will be signposted beforehand. We appologise for the inconvenience.

Hillsborough Terrace carpark

The gates to the main carpark are locked at 7pm each night. Please remove vehicles before 7pm..


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Land purchase

The Port Hills Park Trust Board, the owner of Mt Vernon Park, purchased over 3ha of land at the end of Albert Terrace in late 2014. The land, situated between the Albert Terrace road end and the old Mt Vernon Park boundary where the bush starts before the gorge, has been added to Mt Vernon Park.

At the moment the easterly sloping land is covered in gorse and broom. The intention is to gradually convert it to native bush. Last winter the community planted about a thousand eco-sourced native trees and shrubs on the land.

This winter a similar number of trees will be planted, probably in August. The Thursday volunteer group has been busy over the last few weeks clearing broom in readiness for the planting.

Mount Vernon: After the quake...

View down into Lyttleton Harbour from the Summit Road above Mount Vernon Park.Warm greetings to all our friends who use and enjoy Mount Vernon Park.

People should be aware that there is still danger from rockfall in parts the park, particularly in the valley bottoms where there are steep rocks above. So plan your trip accordingly and keep moving on susceptible parts of the tracks.

We have had several significant aftershocks this year, just as a reminder that all is still not calm below. And remember the fault which caused the big February 22 earthquake of 2011 occurs at depth under the upper slopes of the park. 

As a change from the main valley track try walking the Marette Taylor track which runs along the hillside above the valley. That was made by our volunteer group in 2012 when much of the park was closed due to ongoing risk from aftershocks. Marette Taylor was an industrious local personality who was instrumental in getting Mount Vernon Park bought and established in the 1980s.




Notes from the Maintenance Group

For the last few weeks we have been planting silver tussock (Poa cita) near the top of the Rapaki Track.

These are grown for us by the Department of Conservation nursery at Motukarara with seed sourced from the Port Hills.

We have been planting about 1000 tussocks each year to enhance the natural cover in that area.


Volunteer to help us out!

Volunteers work to improve drainage on the Valley Track during wet weather.The small Thursday afternoon park maintenance group meets in the main car park at 1.30pm, and usually works until about 4pm.

Work includes noxious weed clearance, track maintenance, native planting and general odd jobs. A reasonable level of fitness is required.

Anyone wanting to join the group should contact Howard by phone on 03 9814790.